Sunday, 1 April 2007

Security Contractors 101 has moved

If you came here looking for Security Contractors 101, it has been moved to Live Journal: click here. Security Contractors 101 was an interactive feature introducing Private’s resources to a young audience. It was put together in order to show young men and women the vast amount of scholarship and resources that have been produced about the Private Military Company (PMC) and Private Security Company (PSC) over the last decade. Adopting a very colloquial tone, the aim was simply to expose them to the dedicated research published so far and encourage them to read more before jumping to fantastic conclusions at blog speed. In particular, due to the unfair manipulation they have been subject to recently in the blogsphere. The PMC and the PSC are critical to raising and maintaining levels of security in our unstable post-9/11 reality. Therefore, a little sobriety and pro-active understanding of the subject needs to be fostered in tomorrow’s active electorate, who inevitably will live in a world were public and private partnerships will be increasingly the norm in warfare, reconstruction, and peace-keeping endeavors. In its new home, Security Contractors 101 has been stripped off its interactive features due to persistent attacks. The live-quiz and multiple-choice applets might be reintroduced in the future, but not the ‘follow the rabbit’ game. To compensate, a few Gizmo clips were incorporated. As you might infer from this post, the tone and focus of the blog has changed. To facilitate the transition, previous posts were permanently deleted. If you like the new focus, stay with us!